are located on the top of two hills overlooking the sea to the south southwest.
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Between the sea and the mountains

The position between the sea and Mount Amiata in the distance has a space for the wind that is very important for health of the vineyards that are oriented in its direction.

Poggio Campana vineyard

In Poggio Campana the texture is clayey, giving greater tenacity to the soils which makes the wines more full-bodied in non-vintages particularly dry.

Poggione vineyard

The soil of the Poggione has high hydraulic conductivity, thanks to a balanced texture, combined with a good depth; is equipped of sufficient water availability that allows to avoid dangerous water stress even in summer, moreover the high conductivity gives mineral complexity to wines.

We pamper our vineyards

The fertilization is done with the manure of our cows, the weeding is mechanical plus copper and sulfur. The Sangiovese vine, Alicante and Merlot are trained with spurred cordon (Tuscan upside down), while Vermentino and Ciliegiolo are trained using the Guyot system.

Elegance of the aromas and flavors

The grape harvest is manual in 18 kg crates, the cellar is in close proximity to the two vineyard bodies, so the grapes do not “scrambles”.

Balance between the freshness and the maturity

The grape harvesting period is carefully taken care of to capture the perfect balance between the freshness of the wine and the maturity aromatic and phenolic, contextualized to the terroir of the Cavallini in the Tuscan Maremma. 

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