produced in undergroud cellar close to the vineyards
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Taking on the world, one city at a time!

Attention to natural processing in the vineyard and in the cellar, these are the essential prerequisites for a fine wine, appreciated all over the world.

The numbers of our wines

Discover the numbers that every year make our wines wine an excellence in the world!

Vineyard hectares

Hours in the vineyard

Hours in the cellar

Bottles produced

The awards for our wines

Our daily commitment is rewarded by the awards we receive and which are a further incentive to continue along the path we have set.

Discover all wines

Discover all the wines of the iCavallini estate: from the easiest to the most important!

The right range for your expectations!

“Poggio Campana” and “Poggione”, ideal for exposure and soil quality, host the two main plants of the vineyard.

Elegance of the aromas and flavors

The wines are fine and mineral played on the freshness and fragrance and elegance of the aromas and flavors. 

From our cellar to your world

Perfect logistic to preserve the integrity of the hand harvested grapes along with eco-friendly natural isolation.

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